What is a floor plan?

Floor plans give a top-down view of each floor within a building. They “are like cross sections which are taken horizontally half way up the wall” (National VET E-learning Strategy, BCGBC4007A: Prepare Documentation: Floor Plans).

Floor plans are drawn to scale (usually 1:100) and show the position of rooms, walls and openings such as doors and windows.

Floor plans will usually include:Sketch of simple floor plan for single storey house

  • room names and/or numbers
  • all horizontal measurements (including wall thicknesses, room sizes, hallways, doors and windows)
  • position of toilet, bathroom, laundry and kitchen fixtures
  • size and position of built-in cupboards, stairways, ramps and other permanently fixed structures
  • internal areas of rooms

Other details may also be shown, such as roof lines, types of floor coverings, wall materials, and reference numbers for individual doors and windows.

A floor plan would be used by a builder to accurately locate and position walls, doors, windows and other structures during the build. The plan would provide an approved reference point to resolve potential client-builder disputes.

The builder would be able to use the floor plan to create a rough estimate of building materials, costs, time and workers required.


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