WordPress app for Android

Despite all the negative reviews, tonight I downloaded the WordPress application for my Android tablet. I travel a lot and my Android tablet can charge its battery from a 12 volt cigarette lighter connection in my car. Perfect. Now let’s see if I can do my computering on this “perfect” system.

So far, so good. Easy download and install of the app. Loads quick, logs into my wordpress site without problems. I even found my way to the spot where I add a new post (obviously, because I am here writing it).

Okay, so let’s try to save this draft post. Wow, fancy that. Not only is it easy to save as a draft, it let me create a new category for my post called “Personal stuff”. Considering this is a website for free house designs, it didn’t seem right to put this article under “Building tips”.

Next I want to test the feature that so many folks complained about: adding media. Scary thought because many complaints said the app would crash on the attempt. Here goes …

Ok, that was simple. That image was already in my media gallery. It is a drawing from one of my dream designs, featuring a wheelchair ramp with handrails leading to an extra wide hallway in a split level home.

Not quite so happy with the limitations of editing images. A snapshot captured with my tablet’s camera inserted easily into the post but defaulted to full size. A built-in “cropping” feature would be very helpful during the upload process. Also, the changes I attempted through the “edit” button did not seem to be reflected here. You can relax because I deleted the photo. It was one of those weird selfie photos I tried just to test the media capabilities of the WordPress app. You don’t really need to see my grinning face, do you?

One last thing to check before I hit “publish”. What tools are available in the “kitchen sink”?


Page break

That covers the basics.

I don’t have any problems with the html code that appears when formatting text. It is simple enough to understand. Page break didn’t seem to work, but maybe that is my fault somehow?

Last and ultimate test … will it publish okay? And will the app let me edit a published post?

Yes! Publish and edit! Plus more options become available, such as “featured image”. After editing, the caption on my image has vanished, which is a litte odd. However, overall this app has given me a very satisfactory result.

One congratulatory pat on my back. I downloaded a decent app. Aren’t I clever?