Breezeway – 2 or 3 bedroom house for allergic wife

This house design is deliberately quirky. My friends (let’s call them John and Jane) have a housing problem. Jane is allergic to many of the common building materials, glues and paints used today in housing construction. Alternative building materials will help, but are unlikely to completely solve the problem they face.

Jane needs fresh, outdoor air all night so she doesn’t get sick. John has difficulty sleeping comfortably in a room that has cool night air breezes. Jane also needs plenty of outdoor living space and good airflow through the kitchen, dining and living areas (where she will spend a lot of time).

Breezeway has two large outdoor living spaces accessed from the main living area of the house. Double doors open onto the rear verandah, which also connects to the master bedroom suite.

The master suite solves John and Jane’s sleeping problem by creating two sleeping zones.

Bedroom 1 is the shared zone where John sleeps. Jane can join him there when she is well enough, use the cupboards and access the rest of the house through the main bedroom door.

Bedroom 2 is Jane’s breezy sleepout, connected to the shared zone with double bi-fold doors. Jane has five windows to allow fresh outdoor air to flow through her room, while giving her the security of sleeping inside a locked house at night. An external door leads to the rear verandah, so she can easily access her room during the day.

  • 3 bedrooms (master suite uses 2 rooms)
  • 1 bathroom
  • Open plan living
  • 2 large verandahs (outdoor decking with roof)
  • Great ventilation / airflow
  • Built in wardrobes
  • Linen cupboard in hallway
  • Combined bathroom & laundry (with concealed European laundry)
  • Single storey
  • House extension point for extra bedrooms
Sketch of Breezeway house with dimensions and furniture

Top view with dimensions and furniture

Sketch of Breezeway house 3D top view with furniture

3-dimensional top view with furniture

Sketch of Breezeway house showing 3- dimensional front view

Front view

Sketch of Breezeway house showing 3-dimensional rear view

Rear view

Sketch of Breezeway house showing divided master bedroom

Master suite with 2 bedrooms

Breezeway is a free house design. It is for your personal use only. This means that you can use it to design or build a house for yourself. What you can’t do – sell the design, pretend that you are the author, use it in advertising, or anything else that might be considered “commercial use”. If you would like to display one of these images on a website, remember to give credit to the author (Jeanette Jeffrey – that’s me!!) and provide a link to this page.

Disclaimer: This house design was created by myself, Jeanette Jeffrey, in Australia. It is an “original” design which means that I did not copy anyone else’s design. However, it is probably fairly similar to house designs created by other people. After all, there are more than 7 billion people on the planet so the probability of a similar design is pretty high! If this design looks like your work, please be assured that I didn’t steal your idea. I just think a little like you. Isn’t that weird?